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Founded in 2022, KM Guestserve is a leading cloud service and software provider for both enterprises and public organizations. We are dedicated to driving business management with technology, fostering commercial collaboration through services, and achieving millions of data-driven businesses by building and operating a cutting-edge enterprise management cloud platform. This platform serves as a catalyst for enterprises digital transformation and business innovation, making cloud services readily available, unlocking the value of data intelligence everywhere, and making business innovation more convenient.

KM Guestserve focuses on and consistently delves into the enterprise service market, offering customers digitalized, intelligent, highly flexible, secure, and trustworthy, as well as platform-based enterprise cloud service products and solutions in areas such as internal management, procurement, finance, human resources, and collaborative services.

Enterprise cloud platform

The enterprise cloud platform relies on cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies to serve the digital transformation of growing and large enterprises and help enterprises improve their digital control capabilities.

Based on the open technology platform, there are four middle-end products: data middle-end, business middle-end and AI middle-end.

Marketing Cloud
Procurement Cloud
Financial Cloud
>Business center

Business middle platform — A solid foundation and accelerator for enterprise digital transformation.

Adhering to the concepts of data, intelligence, and ecology, we provide social modeling models for enterprises, users, multi-enterprise accounts, relationships between enterprises, and relationships between users and enterprises.

To prevent enterprise management systems from reinventing the wheel and quickly support enterprise business innovation, enterprises can use the accumulation of inclusive business platforms to continuously evolve their business models.

>Technology platform

Technology Platform - Provides best practices in cloud native technology in enterprise services.

Based on cloud native technology, it is a comprehensive technical support platform that integrates container cloud, DevOps, service governance, diagnosis and operation and maintenance tools. On the basis of inheriting the original cloud-based services, the technology platform deeply implements the DevOps concept, updates the container orchestration system, and comprehensively monitors business applications to meet the needs of enterprises such as rapid delivery, application microservices, and operation and maintenance automation.

>Data center

Data middle platform - A solid foundation and accelerator for enterprise digital transformation.

With the mission of realizing enterprise digital intelligence, we use data middle platform and intelligent middle platform as tools to deeply empower the construction of smart enterprises.

Based on the connection and collection of mainstream data sources, it realizes the automation of enterprise data operation and maintenance and the assetization of data operations.

>Intelligent middle platform

Data middle platform - A solid foundation and accelerator for enterprise digital transformation

The corporate brain with intelligence as the core driving force is based on the two core capabilities of smart factories and smart robots to create an innovation carrier for internal and external developers and ecological partners within the enterprise.

Comprehensively understand AI capabilities and business mechanisms such as machine learning, deep learning, and reinforcement learning.

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